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UK Citizenship Application Help

Do you need help with British citizenship application
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You will need to use the UK visa and citizen application services (UKVAS) whenever you are applying for either visa or for settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) or for British Citizenship.

We are an experienced OISC registered immigration adviser and help you in getting a British Citizenship by supporting you throughout the process of getting a British passport.

In this application process, a person who has been granted an Indefinite Leave to Remain will be authorized to get British Citizenship. There is an immigration time restriction that the UK government will impose, which means that you should be holding ILR for 12 months.

There are certain eligibility criteria that you must have to follow in order to be granted a British Citizenship. Some of the criteria will be holding an ILR for 12 months, know English language, UK test certificate and few others too.

Once your application is approved then you will be awarded Certificate of Naturalization which is proof of your British Citizenship and then you will be given the British passport.

The government laws for Immigration keep on changing and are a little bit complicated. So we will help you in your British Citizenship from one of our experienced immigration advisers.

We will support you in your documentations, application form, cover letter, put your case in Home Office and then be in Home Office correspondence on your behalf.

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